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The year is 2266
and Earth is overpopulated.

The prisons, massively overcrowded. All the prisoners were sent to a nearby planet.

This is how Planet X was created - the most dangerous planet in our galaxy, where The Cartels rule.

Play to Earn

Space Cartels is a strategic/economy
browser game using Play to Earn

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Take on the role of a Cartel Boss

Run Nightclubs & Casinos

Run Nightclubs
& Casinos

Contract Killings


  • The manufacture and trafficking of illegal substances

  • Fighting other Cartels

  • Car Thefts

  • Hiring people for your Cartel

  • Forming mining companies with other players

  • Investing in shares of other players' companies

  • Buying Plots and Properties

Trade Goods on the Free Market

Space Cartel is the world's first game where the value of resources is determined by the law of supply and demand.

Steel Bar
Copper Ore
Uranium Ore

Play to Earn

Earn $DMT tokens for completed Quests

Earn DMT Earn DMT
Open Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes contain useful in-game items in the form of NFTs that you can sell on the game marketplace for Real Money!

Sell on Exchange

Sell $DMT
on the exchange

Each Generator you own allows you to 
purchase Quests worth 10 Energy each day!

Space Cartels - Play to Earn Cycle Space Cartels - Play to Earn Cycle

SPC Token Usage

Staking Rewards

By staking the SPC token, you will participate in the profits from Space Cartel game commissions. We have allocated up to 25% of all commissions earned!

Exposure to
the game

Having SPC token is the best way to gain exposure to Space Cartel game.


By holding the SPC token, you will be able to take an active part in voting on the direction of the game Space Cartel.

Core Team

Marek Zygmunt - CEO

Marek Zygmunt

CEO & Co-Founder

A web developer with over 11 years of commercial experience. A lover of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Author of a series of e-books on investing in cryptocurrencies. Creator of several online stores and startups. His hobbies are board games.

Ariel Kowalczyk - COO

Ariel Kowalczyk

COO & Co-Founder

Data Science Engineer and mathematician. Top player in Ogame, Tribal Wars and many other browser games. Long time owner of an online TCG store. Huge fan of board games. Blockchain technology fanatic.

Jakub Netza - Lead Designer

Jakub Netza

Lead Designer

Graphic and motion designer with over 15 years of commercial experience. He had the opportunity to work on the projects of many well-known brands like BMW, JTI, Allianz, Generali and many others. Fan of sci-fi and new technologies.